“Ride to Education” is a fundraising project, which has its focus on the right to education. Furthermore a message is how important it is to help in the areas where the ongoing development issues are.

The money raised will contribute to building and running an Education Center in Sifoe, Gambia. The center is going to be built by ’Børn uden Grænsers’ local partner organization ’Young people without Borders’.

The primary purpose of the Education Center is to educate and engage young people, so they have the will and the skills necessary for the labor market and create their own livelihood, inclusive a stable economic future. At the Education Center the students will receive lessons in livelihood skills. This includes theoretical subjects like sustainability, environmental science, social science, as well as practical subjects like sewing, carpentry, batik, permaculture and microcredit. Last mentioned micro credit is also a possibility for the young students who finish their education at the center. This will help the students starting their own store or workshop and become integrated at the labor market.
It is important to underline, that the local young people themselves have pointed out which subjects they found relevant in the region. Young girls and women, who earlier have been a marginalized group have also been a part of that process.
The target group is young people who haven’t been able to finish their education because of economy, pregnancy and other unfair reasons.

A broader social effect of the Education Center is the possibility that the center can reduce the number of young Gambians who travel to Europe in search of a better and more stable life. Their travel across the Mediterranean Sea is very dangerous, and many of the Gambians who try to succeed end up in European refugee- and immigrations camps or in a foreign country without rights. An Education Center in Sifoe will increase the possibilities to seek happiness in the local region. We believe that a project like the education center in Sifoe can contribute to improving the local conditions so that less West Africans are forced to seek happiness in Europe.

It is furthermore important to underline that the construction of the Education Center already has begun, but materials for finishing it are missing.

We/Ride to Education believe that education generates development for both the local society and the individual. Competences and awareness in force the possibilities to create basis of life for each person and the family of the person.
At the same time we think that education contributes to an empowerment process of the marginalized groups in the global south, including a cultural change where everyone finds it natural to study. It is certainly a long-term process, but development is precisely a process that the local have to be a part of and not external object.

In other words we believe that the Education Center in Sifoe is a sustainable method to engage, educate and improve the long-term living conditions of children and young people in Sifoe. That is essential for our choice of project.